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We are Novella

Cultured plant-derived ingredients 

Next-generation botanical products featuring powerful micronutrients

We cultivate
plant-source nutrients

the whole plant

Rice field in Mekong Delta, An Giang, Vietnam
Rice field in Mekong Delta, An Giang, Vietnam

Think outside the field!

Uses transparent, traceable, sterile cultivation

Efficient and affordable, does not incur tons of plant waste

Surmounts limitations of climate, water, weather, etc.

Local production that dramatically shrinks the supply chain

Novella’s magic
is in plant cells

Smart plant-derived ingredients cultured

in sustainable abundance in a controlled environment



Proprietary Novella deep tech is leading the way
in the bio-tech and nutri-tech revolution.

tweezers 2.jpg


Choose the best plant tissue and development stage that will deliver maximum micronutrient concentration.



Stimulate the cells to  produce cells with enhanced concentrations and target compositions on scale.

Lock 1.jpg


Encase the cells in a natural, protective shell to preserve nutrients, potency, function and shelf life.

Nutrient-rich ingredients

Better-for-you products that deliver a range of benefits

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Bioavailable so the body can use them easily

Callus green +.png

Natural, clean label 

& non-GMO

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Precise, uniform and product-ready

Novella creators

As founders, we share the passion for nurturing people while making the world a greener place. We bring our distinct expertise to the table.

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